Daily Maintenance Of The Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Aug 15, 2019-

In order to have a long service life of the hydraulic cutting machine, the maintenance of the daily machine is indispensable! Good maintenance work can maintain the good performance of the cutting machine and maintain the life of the parts.

First, the daily maintenance and precautions of the hydraulic cutting machine are as follows:

1. The surface of the hydraulic cutting machine should be wiped clean frequently, and the lubricating oil should not be stained to avoid the cutting matter and affect the appearance of the finished product.

2, the seesaw can not be left with debris, or contaminated with oil, it is best to clean every day to keep it clean.

3, add lubricants should be careful not to touch other parts, if it must be wiped clean.

4. After using the cutting machine, be sure to clean the surroundings to keep the machine clean.

Second, maintenance methods:

1. When using the hydraulic pressure cutting machine, pay attention to whether the oil in the oil pot still has a display. If it is not displayed, it means there is no lubricating oil. Please fill in the lubricating oil.

2. When the lubricating oil is sent to the four sliding shafts, just swing the handles back and forth.

3, hydraulic oil is recommended to use 68 # or 46 # hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil is generally replaced once a year.

4. The hydraulic cutting machine starts after long-term shutdown and lubricates four sliding shafts.