Damage Reasons Of Automatic Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

- Feb 03, 2020-

First, often power off

The automatic cutting machine has many power failures during the operation, which will seriously affect the correct control of the upper and lower parts of the machine. If the motor is repeatedly started for a long period of time, the minor circumstances will burn the transformer insurance and seriously cause the motor to burn.

Second, repeatedly open

Frequently, some manufacturers use the cutting machine to run the machine because the time for placing the material is not enough, and often re-use it after stopping. Such multiple starts cause the cutting machine solenoid valve to fail to run normally, and the motor cannot bear the failure directly.

Third, long-term overload use

Four, The regulations of the cutting machine manufacturer clearly stipulate that it cannot be overloaded for a long time. If the solenoid valve cannot bear the load for a long time, it will definitely cause the motor to burn out.

Cutting machine installation and use of electrical appliances:

1. Power indicator

2.Punching indicator

3.Oil pump start indicator

4.Time relay 1S

5.Time relay 3S

6. Counter

7.Emergency switch

8.Oil pump is off

9. Master power switch


1. The machine is operated by both hands and cannot be placed in the cutting area.

2. Stop working immediately after abnormal sound and odor, shut down and check.