Datum Of Automatic Cutting Machine Nc Machining

- Mar 18, 2020-

In the process analysis of nc machining of precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine, we should pay attention to the selection and installation of workpiece positioning base. Attention should be paid to the following issues:

(1) follow the principle of uniform datum, choose the uniform positioning datum processing each table back, not only to ensure the location accuracy of each face of the plant, and avoid to reduce the positioning error caused by repeated clamping.

(2) strive for the identity of design benchmark, process benchmark and programming calculation basis.

(3) if necessary, set the process datum on the workpiece contour, and remove it after processing.

(4) generally, the processed surface should be selected as the positioning datum of nc machining.

Process analysis and review of the proposed numerical control machining objects, is generally in the parts and blank design to calendar, so there will be a lot of problems. In particular, the original in the general machine tool rAu parts to be processed in CNC machine tools, there will be more trouble. Cutting machine because the product has been finalized, in order to adapt to CNC machining, parts and blank drawings must be changed greatly, and this is not only the work of the process department. , therefore, to process programming and product design personnel in close cooperation, as far as possible before the product parts has yet to finalize the design process review, give full consideration to the features of the numerical control processing, labeling component drawings, was, to meet the needs of numerical control processing, such as the structure on the premise of parts does not affect use function, make the parts design more to meet the requirements of nc machining process.