Development Prospect Of The Four-column Cutting Machine​

- Jun 04, 2019-

The development prospect of the four-column cutting machine is still beautiful.

The use rate of the cutting machine is very high, especially in the light industrial industry where labor is relatively dense nowadays. Intelligentization can not completely replace the artificial. Of course, even if the intelligent robot replaces the artificial, Xiaobian still believes that the cutting machine still exists!

The prospect of the four-column cutting machine is still very good. Until recently, the research on the AM of the cutting machine has just started, the complete theoretical system has not yet been formed, and its implementation methods, means and approaches still need to be further explored. In the implementation of the AM process, many problems remain to be solved.

In the development of AM's reference model and support tools, we must first establish and improve the agile engineering model; secondly, further strengthen the development of design strategies for the implementation of the decision-making tools and experimental parts; third, the difficulty of evaluating the agile factors of enterprises And analytical techniques will receive a wide range of attention; first, further development of various technologies and tools to support the implementation of AM.

In the typical industrial application demonstration, there is a big gap between the current large-scale production mode and the variable-volume, multi-variety production mode, and the existing cattle production process has sufficient flexibility and other constraints. Therefore, the AM demonstration project remains to be explored and improved.

On the one hand, enterprises should make full use of existing manufacturing capabilities and technical experience to effectively improve the plant process configuration; another force needs to establish an enterprise information network, improve various database systems, and develop advanced parallel infrastructure to provide collaborative work. The three-dimensional integration of personnel, tools and products to achieve the environment to promote the realization of enterprise integration, in order to complete the transition from the current production mode to the AM production mode of the cutting machine as soon as possible.

Due to the integration advantages of AM and resources, technology, experts from the American AM Association believe that SMEs subject to resource constraints will become an important member of this AM.

In the future, the concept, connotation and cultural practice of cutting machine agility will be further researched and developed to better apply to SMEs.