Development Trend Of Cutting Machine Mechanical Production Skills

- Jul 12, 2019-

In recent years, with the continuous development of modern scientific skills, especially the further development of computer skills, the traditional mechanical production skills and the numerical control skills, fine detection skills, the opposite relationship, the south precision, high power, flexibility, integration In the direction of intelligence, the production power and quality have been greatly improved. The cutting machine manufacturers look at the roots and development of mechanical production, and their development trend is mainly in the following aspects.

(1) The cutting machine machinery is developed in the direction of high speed and strong cutting. The advancement in the design and production level of metal cutting machine tools and the application of new tool data have greatly improved the cutting power. At present, the spindle speed of the number of machine tools has reached 5000 r/min. (In some industrialized countries, the spindle speed in the middle of machining has reached 70 ooo r/min, and the spindle speed of high-speed milling machines has now reached loo ooo r/min); The entering system adopts DC or communication servo motor drive and large lead ball wire 扛 扛 传动 transmission, its fast forward speed can reach up to 60m/m. When linear motor drive is selected, the fast forward speed can reach 150-210 m/ The use of new tool materials such as coated cemented carbide, ceramics, cubic boron nitride, etc., has improved the conventional cutting speed by 5-10 times.

(2) The cutting machine machinery is developed in the direction of ultra-fine and slender processing skills. A variety of fine, super fine processing skills. Slim processing and nano-machining skills will play a leading role in cutting-edge skills and defense equipment such as microelectronic chips, optoelectronic chips, and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMs). Machining accuracy has improved from 1 ym at the beginning of the 20th century to o. O01ym, has recently arrived o. O01 one o. 1nm, that is, ultra-fine processing. The development of ultra-fine processing has strongly promoted the development of various new skills and has become a key skill in an invincible position in international competition.

(3) Automation of the cutting machine mechanical production system. In order to keep changing the habitual market, the frequency of replacement of electromechanical products is accelerating, and the production of multiple varieties and small and medium batches will become the first type of production in the future. Therefore, the automatic production skills will be further flexible, integrated and intelligent. And networked direction. The skills such as cAD/cAPP/CAE/cAM (computer-assisted design/computer-assisted skill program/computer-assisted analysis/computer-assisted production) have been further improved, and the quality and processing power of various types, small and medium-sized batches of products have been improved. Leading production management models such as Lean Manufacturing (LP) and Sensitive Production (AM) will dominate the 21st century manufacturing industry.

(4) Cutting machine mechanical green production skills. Comprehensive thinking about social, environmental, capital and other sustainable green production (without the manufacturing of the dross) skills, will be the minimum of power and original data consumption, the waste generated at least as much as possible to recover the use of the entire life of the goods The cycle is carried out in an environmentally sound manner, and it is an extension and development of lean production, flexible production, and sensitive production.