Effects Of Poor Precision Of Cutting Machine

- Feb 03, 2021-

The impact of poor machine accuracy can be realized by all users, low efficiency: the main performance is often cut constantly phenomenon or in the middle can be cut around the cut constantly, the need to use a knife or scissors to partition, which also greatly reduces the work efficiency; Cutting plate consumption is too fast: after cutting for a period of time, the middle or a position of the plate is concave in advance, and the plate is scrapped in advance, which increases the production cost invisibly; The knife mold is easy to break: often knife mold is broken without reason.

Control to reduce the accuracy error is divided into two parts: manufacturers and users: manufacturers mainly improve the machining accuracy of the machinery and do a good job of the whole process process strictly check; As a user is mainly to do a good job of automatic cutting machine daily maintenance and other work.

General users of cutting machine hydraulic technology should try their best to choose the required hydraulic station from the existing hydraulic station products according to the functional structure of the main engine, type of working conditions, conditions and related requirements, in order to save equipment investment and shorten the manufacturing cycle. Typical products of hydraulic station. If the existing hydraulic station products can not meet the requirements of use, we can design and manufacture the hydraulic station according to the relevant information.

As mentioned above, the assembly of various hydraulic valves and their auxiliary connectors is generally called hydraulic control device (hydraulic valve group), and the assembly of hydraulic pumps and their driving motors and oil tanks and their accessories is generally called hydraulic power source device (hydraulic pump station). The assembly of these two parts is collectively called the hydraulic station assembly. Among them, the integration of hydraulic valve group and the design of hydraulic pump station can also be combined with the design of stroke engineering practice has proved that most of the workload in the design of the whole hydraulic device is concentrated in the integrated design of hydraulic control device.

The design of the cutting machine hydraulic system refers to the composition of a new energy transfer system to complete a specific task. The hydraulic system of cutting machine can be divided into transmission system and control system. There is no essential difference in the structure composition and working principle of the two. The main difference in design content is that the former lays emphasis on the design of static performance, while the latter, in addition to the static performance, also includes the design of dynamic performance. Usually, the design content and method of hydraulic transmission system can be directly used in the design of hydraulic control system as long as the content and method are slightly adjusted.

The design of the hydraulic transmission system is closely related to the design of the main engine, and they are often carried out simultaneously. The designed hydraulic system should first meet the drag and circulation requirements of the main engine, and then it should conform to the recognized design principles such as simple structure, small volume, light weight, safe and reliable work, convenient operation and maintenance, and good economy. In practical design work, the pursuit of efficiency and the pursuit of safety are often combined, because of the different requirements of various host equipment to the system and the amount of experience of the designer, some of the content and steps can be omitted and simplified, or some of the content and steps can be combined and crossed.