Evaluation Of Investing In Mask Production Equipment

- Aug 05, 2020-

What problems need to be evaluated when investing in mask production equipment

With the outbreak of the epidemic around the world in 2020, the demand for masks continues to increase. In order to meet market demand in China, as the world's factory, many Chinese manufacturers have called on the government to start mask processing. As a major machinery manufacturer, Yancheng Huasen Machinery Co., Ltd. has also independently developed and produced a mask machine in order to meet the needs of customers for mask machines. In just two months, the disposable mask dispenser and disposable mask machine produced by Huasen Company More than 30 mask production lines have been sold, with a high praise rate from customers.

Customers should pay attention to the following points when choosing a mask machine:

1. Investment cost. The investment cost of the mask discharging machine is lower than the mask discharging machine assembly line (the mask discharging machine is cheap and the assembly line processing is high)

2. Profit cycle, the machine can earn back the cost of the machine within 7 days of normal production. After 7 days of production, additional expenses such as material costs, utilities, labor wages, etc. are deducted. The rest are profitable, with a daily profit of 30,000 to 80,000. Wait. The production line of disposable masks generally takes about 1 month to earn back the cost. Therefore, it is recommended that customers who do not have enough spare money can invest in a mask dispenser first, and do not blindly follow the trend.

3. Customer needs, different customers' requirements for masks, choosing the correct mask machine, and exporting standard masks are different from the machines required for domestic civilian masks. The following describes the difference between export standard masks and civilian masks:


Blue is a civilian mask, green is a mask that meets export standards


There is no edge sealing on the side of the civil, and the export standard requires that the side is also sealed. 


There are obvious solder joints on the side of the civil earband, and the export standard is without solder joints.


The metal of the bridge of the nose of the civil mask is 1 piece, and the export standard is 2 pieces. 


The masks are composed of three layers, but the thickness of the most critical meltblown cloth in the middle is different, and the outlet is thicker than the civilian one.