Factors That Affect The Crushing Of The Die Of The Blister Cutting Machine

- Nov 20, 2020-

Blister cutting machines often crush the die for most of the following three reasons:

1. Problem: Excessive accumulation of scurf and dust under the setting guide block causes the travel switch to be inaccessible when the pressure plate is pressed down, thereby crushing the die;

Solution: clean up debris;

Preventive measures: regularly clean up debris next to the machine;

2. Problem: The trip switch fails to transmit signals.

Solution: Replace with a new limit switch.

3. Problem: oil circuit failure of blister cutting machine;

Solution: Please contact a professional for maintenance, do not disassemble and inspect by yourself.

When analyzing and selecting the neutral function of the directional valve of the hydraulic system of a three-position hydraulic cutting machine, the following points are usually considered:

1. The system maintains pressure.

2. System unloading.

3. Stability and accuracy of commutation.

4. Start-up stability. When the valve is in the neutral position, if a certain cavity of the hydraulic cylinder is open to the oil tank, there is not enough oil in the cavity to buffer when starting, and the starting is not stable.

5. Hydraulic cylinder. The horizontal hydraulic cylinder is in a "floating" state, and other mechanisms can be used to move the worktable and adjust its position.