Factors Determining Pressure Change Of The Cutting Machine

- Jul 15, 2019-

Manufacturers who have used cutting machines or cutting machines should know that the cutting machine can be divided into 8 500 tons according to the pressure. This interval can meet any demand of current social production. It is learned by professionals of Zhicheng Machinery. In theory, It is possible to produce any type of pressure machine, but depending on the application, it can be known that the general non-metallic cutting industry only needs 300 tons of machinery. What factors determine the pressure change of the cutting machine?

First, system pressure is also a decisive factor

The system pressure is the rated pressure output by the motor to drive the oil pump. The higher the output rated pressure, the higher the machine pressure. However, such hydraulic pumps have already been standardized, and the output pressure of the medium pressure hydraulic pump is generally around 200 kg.

If the pressure is too high, the cost of the components of the hydraulic actuators, pipes, joints, etc. will increase exponentially and the technical difficulty will be doubled. Knowing the above two items is an important factor in determining the pressure of the machine. We know when to check the machine when the machine pressure is not enough, or when the machine is not under pressure. It is very helpful to analyze and repair the machine; it should be noted that: in actual maintenance In addition, we should also consider factors such as the degree of pipe sealing, the presence or absence of leakage of the actuator, and the damage of the seal. Only in this way can the fault be quickly and completely eliminated.

The size of the cylinder is one of the decisive factors

When the output pressure of the oil pump is constant, the larger the cylinder is, the greater the pressure generated by the machine, which is why the large pressure machine cylinder is larger than the small pressure machine cylinder.

Note: The size of the cylinder referred to here is not the size of the head, but the diameter of the cylinder piston.