Failure Phenomenon Of Four Column Hydraulic Press Die Cutting Machine

- Jan 20, 2020-

Failure phenomenon of four column hydraulic press die cutting machine:

1. The indicator light is off: the whole machine has no power

2. Transformer fuse burnout: replace fuse

3. The brake switch is not turned on: turn on the power brake switch

4. The indicator light is off to start the motor: the indicator bulb is burnt out, replace the indicator bulb

5. The light is on and the motor cannot be started

(1). Motor protection switch trip: Turn on the motor protection switch

(2). Defective or burned main control contactor: Replace the contactor

(3). Motor burned out: Replace the motor

6. Light is on Can start the motor but not work

(1). Set the die setting switch to the horizontal position to lock the oil path: Set the die setting switch to the straight direction

(2). Motor rotation error: Connect two phases of the motor to each other.

(3). The contact of the work switch is bad.

(4). Solenoid valve coil burned out: Replace the coil or the entire solenoid valve

(5). The solenoid valve spool is stuck: cleaning the spool

(6). The stroke adjustment handle is loose: reset the die

7. Can not be reset after work: the circuit board in the electrical box is burnt and replaced

8. Can work but cannot reset: the circuit board in the electrical box is burnt and replaced

9. Insufficient work pressure

(1). Cutting material layer is too thick: reduce material layer

(2). The die setting stroke is adjusted too low: to the proper position

(3). Filter screen is clogged: Clean or replace the filter

(4). Oil pump damaged: Replace oil pump

10. Oil leakage

(1). Oil cylinder oil seal aging: Replace oil seal

(2). High pressure oil pipe joint is loose: tighten the joint

11. Noise from motor oil pump

(1) Wear of rubber particles during oil pump rotation: Replace rubber particles

(2). Filter clogged: clean the filter

(3). Loss of hydraulic oil: add enough hydraulic oil

(4). Oil pump bearing is damaged: replace the bearing

(5). Aging of oil pump shaft end oil seal: replace oil seal

(6). Motor bearing is damaged: replace the bearing

12. The crash cannot rise or fall after the speed slows down or rises

(1). Cylinder seal aging: Replace the seal

(2). Worn solenoid valve core: Replace solenoid valve

(3). Reduced pressure oil viscosity: replace pressure oil

(4). Poor board contact: check wiring

(5). The main road cannot be switched: check the line

(6). The solenoid valve is stuck: clear the valve body