Fault Detection Method Of Four - Column Cutting Machine

- Jan 11, 2021-

1. The indicator light is not on, whether the cutting machine is not powered on

2. The indicator light is not on but the motor can be started and the indicator light can be replaced

3. Transformer insurance burns out, replace the fuse

4. The brake switch is not on, turn on the brake switch

5. The motor cannot be started when the indicator is on

A. The protection switch trips and turns on the protection switch

B. Replace contactor if contact is defective or burnt

C. Motor burn down: change the motor

6. The indicator light is on, which can start the motor and cannot work

A. Set the knife die switch to the horizontal position to lock the oil circuit

B. Motor reversal

C. Poor contact of the operating switch

D. Solenoid valve coil burns out, replace the coil

E. Solenoid valve spool card master, clean the spool

F. Adjustment stroke handle is loose and needs to be reset

7. If it cannot work and can be reset, the circuit board in the electrical box may be burned down

8. Insufficient pressure on cutting machine

A. Reduce the thickness of the material layers

B. Set the position of the travel switch to be too low and adjust the height of the switch

C. Filter screen is blocked, cleaned or replaced

D. The oil pump is broken, replace it

E. If the hydraulic oil is too long, replace the hydraulic oil

9. Oil leakage

A. Oil cylinder sealing ring aging replace the sealing ring

B. Loosen and tighten the high pressure tubing connector