Features Of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

- Jan 06, 2020-

Features of hydraulic die cutting machine:

(1) Indication error of cutting machine. The value error refers to the difference between the water value on the measuring instrument and the measured true value. The value error is a comprehensive reflection of various errors of the measuring instrument itself. The indication error is the accuracy index of the measuring instrument. Generally, the smaller the indication error, the higher the accuracy. Therefore, the display of each point in the display range of the instrument makes the error different. Generally, a measuring block with an appropriate accuracy or other measuring coconut quilt device can be used to determine the indication error of the vessel. The indication error of various instruments can be obtained from the instruction manual or calibration punch.

(2) The trimming value (calibration value) of the whole board feeding cutting machine. In addition to measuring errors in the doorway measurement instrumentation. To improve the measurement accuracy, the algebraic method is often used to subtract the denier error of the measuring device from the measuring fruit towel. The measurement error of a negative measuring instrument is the correction value of the error.

(3) The amount of change in the value of the intelligent cutting machine. Incremental value change means that the measurement conditions remain unchanged. Repeat the measurement for the same measured object multiple times (usually i-Io times), and the maximum range of its displayed value change. The smaller the range of indication value variation, the higher the accuracy of the measuring instrument.

(4) Static measurement of hydraulic cutting machine. It means that the surface of the part under test and the probe of the measuring instrument are in a stationary state during measurement. For example, measuring the shaft diameter with an amateur dry ruler, measuring the tooth pitch of a gear with a tooth gauge. Static measurement of nails also means that they can be regarded as fixed during the measurement process.

(5) Dynamic measurement of gantry cutting machine. It refers to that the surface of the part under test and the measuring instrument are in a relative movement state during measurement, or the measurement process is to simulate the movement state of the part during work or processing, and it can reflect the change process of the measured parameter during the production process. E.g. Measure surface roughness with electric profilometer, precision line ruler with laser length gauge, etc. Dynamic measurement sometimes also means that the measurement changes over time (or other influencing factors) during the measurement.

The specific measurement process of an automatic cutting machine often has the characteristics of multiple measurement methods at the same time. For example, photoelectric range finder belongs to non-contact measurement, absolute measurement and direct measurement. The selection of the measurement method should generally consider factors such as the structural characteristics, accuracy requirements, production batches, technical conditions, and measurement costs of the measured object.