Foam Cutting Machine Equipment Features

- Sep 27, 2019-

Foam cutting machine is the necessary equipment to improve the production efficiency of foam-related products. Laser cutting has been used in the past, but the laser is very unfavorable to the environment, and the cutting surface is not smooth, so more and more customers choose similar The vibrating knife foam cutting machine developed by Jingwei Technology has a very good cutting effect, no harm to the environment, and the speed is also very fast, which can meet the footwear industry, clothing industry, foam, sponge, advertising industry, sheet metal, etc., and meet the model industry. Demand for small industries such as handicraft industry and bamboo products industry.

The main specific features of the foam cutting machine:

1, replaceable tool mode, with the right tools to quickly and accurately achieve intelligent cutting of various materials,

2, the use of high-quality international popular 4MM felt, equipped with ultra-flat honeycomb aluminum countertops, high strength, no deformation.

3. The automatic feeding device can be selected, and the automatic feeding device of the warp and weft can realize continuous feeding, realize the cutting of the span length, and the theoretical cutting length is not limited.

4. Automatic edge-cutting/back-cutting, automatically scanning the edge of the material for positioning and cutting.

5, anti-spectral high-definition positioning system, quickly capture images, automatically deduct the image contours within a few seconds through software to perform automatic cutting. Automated pattern cutting, minimizing manual intervention, saving time and increasing productivity