Four-column Cutting Machine Failure Phenomenon III

- Nov 28, 2019-

Four-column Cutting Machine Failure Phenomenon III

10. Oil leakage

(1). Cylinder oil seal aging: replace the oil seal

(2). High pressure tubing joint loose: tighten the joint

11. Motor oil pump noise

(1). Oil pump rotating rubber particle wear: replacing rubber particles

(2). Filter blockage: cleaning filter

(3). Hydraulic oil loss: add hydraulic oil

(4). Oil pump bearing damage: replacement of bearings

(5). Oil pump shaft end oil seal aging: replace oil seal

(6). Motor bearing damage: replace the bearing

12. When the speed is slowed down or rising, the crash cannot rise or fall.

(1). Cylinder seal aging: replace the seal

(2). Solenoid valve spool wear is severe: replace the solenoid valve

(3). Pressure oil viscosity reduction: replacement of pressure oil

(4). Poor board contact: check the line

(5). The main road cannot be switched: check the line

(6). Solenoid valve stuck: clear valve body