Four-post Cutting Machine Placement And Installation Instructions

- Feb 12, 2020-

Four-post cutting machine placement and installation instructions

Placement of the machine: After unpacking the machine, you can use a forklift or crane to move it. Remember! Before moving, you need to know the weight of the machine to choose the right tools. When using a crane, you need to choose the appropriate chain, swing arm and boom. Remember to straighten them when using In addition, the following two points should be noted: Do not tilt the machine too much, because the chain may slide off the hook or the boom may fall off the machine. The horizontal component force of the chain may damage the machine surface or machine parts.

Machine installation: Use a spirit level to correct the level of the body. If necessary, the machine can be fixed on the floor with fixing screws, open the fuel tank cover, and then fill with hydraulic oil, hydraulic oil specification 46 # is best used. Before use, pay attention to whether the hydraulic oil is clean enough. If the machine needs to use an air compressor, you can connect an air introduction pipe to the air compressor, usually the required air pressure is 6 kg / cm2.

The origin of the cutting machine:

The full name of the four-column cutting machine is a hydraulic precision four-column cutting machine, which belongs to the new products of the twentieth century, which is different from the mechanical type in the 1970s, the hydraulic flat type in the 1990s, and the hydraulic four-pillar single-pole cutting machine in the late 1990s , Overall Italian style, more advanced technology and better performance. It is widely used in the cutting and processing processes of handbags, luggage, footwear, leather goods, silk flowers, foam, plastic, plush toys, sports goods, automotive supplies, EVA and other industries.

The English name of cutting machine is Cutting Maching, which means cutting machine. It is a processing machine used for punching various flexible materials in the production of I industry.

This machine matches many different names according to local customs. In foreign countries, they are called cutting machines; in Taiwan, they are called cutting machines according to the coincidence of their English transliteration and Chinese meaning; in Hong Kong, they are called beer machines according to their functions; in mainland China, they are also called according to their functions. The use is called the feeder.