High Precision Of Thanco Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

- Oct 29, 2020-

How is the high precision of Thanco cutting machine achieved?

I. processing procedure

The main surface of the guide column is an inner cylindrical surface and an outer cylindrical surface. The processing procedures: inner cylindrical surface: drilling-rough boring-semi-rough boring-rough grinding-fine grinding; for outer cylindrical surface: rough turning-semi-finishing turning-rough grinding -fine grinding.

II. Hard chrome plating

  After chrome plating, the mold and workpiece have the following advantages:

   1. The surface is smooth, smooth and easy to demold, to ensure the smoothness and smoothness of the product.

   2. No rust, no rust spots.

  3. The original parts have little deformation during the plating process, and the hardness of the surface layer can be increased after chrome plating (HR65 or more), high temperature resistance up to 500, corrosion resistance, acid resistance, and wear resistance.

  4. If the size of the part is not in place, it can be achieved by adding a few c chrome.

   5. According to the characteristics of the product, it can achieve visual and three-dimensional effects to ensure the stable surface quality of the product.

III. The key technology and the measures taken

   1. The main surface is an inner cylindrical surface with high dimensional tolerances and a small surface roughness value Ra. Measures taken: Divide the processing stages, the process route adopts: drilling-rough boring (expansion)-semi-finish boring (reaming)-rough grinding-fine grinding-grinding; control cutting consumption; adequate cooling.

  2. Due to the high dimensional tolerance level of the outer cylindrical surface and the small surface roughness value Ra value, the measures taken are: the requirements for the division of processing stages, the selection of machine tools, and the control of cutting parameters are the same as those for the inner cylindrical surface processing. In addition, the process route is: rough turning-semi-finishing turning-rough grinding-fine grinding.