How To Disassemble The Rocker Cutting Machine Cylinder?

- May 21, 2019-

How to disassemble the rocker cutting machine cylinder?

1. Rotate the cutting machine's rising height to a high point.

Second, turn off the power of the machine.

Third, find two jacks or iron blocks and the like to put the upper platen against the drain and fall off. This step is very important.

Fourth, the cylinder can be easily removed at this time, pay attention to the cylinder is very heavy, it can be lifted by forklift or many people.

1. Mechanical part of hydraulic cutting machine: It consists of fuselage, working mechanism and stroke adjustment device. The gantry hydraulic cutting machine also includes sliding saddle moving feeding device and automatic feeding device.

2, cutting machine hydraulic system: consists of hydraulic pump, cylinder, pressure valve, directional valve, filter, fuel tank, pressure gauge.

3, cutting machine electrical control part: including switches, relays, contactors and other components of the electrical control circuit.

First, the problem: set the waste debris under the guide block to accumulate too much, leading to the pressure switch when the pressure plate is not exposed to the stroke switch, thereby crushing the die;

Solution: clean up debris;

Precautionary measures: regularly clean up the debris next to the machine;

Second, the problem: the trip switch failure can not transmit signals.

Solution: Replace the new travel switch.

Third, the problem: cutting machine oil circuit failure;

Solution: Please contact a professional for repair, do not disassemble and check by yourself;