How To Distinguish The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Precision Four-column Cutting Machine

- Jan 14, 2021-

First point: hydraulic pump

The hydraulic pump is the heart of the hydraulic system. The hydraulic oil needs to flow into the system through the pump pressure. Standard 40 ton model should use 41 large displacement hydraulic pump, to ensure the stable high pressure of hydraulic oil output low standard manufacturers use 36 second grade pump or even lower, pressure is difficult to ensure stability.

Second point: hydraulic valve

Domestic hydraulic components brand in recent years to rise quickly, but no matter from the quality or reliability and the import brand is still a large gap.

Because the hydraulic cutting machine system for a long time and the use of frequent high standards of hydraulic cutting machine enterprises are still mainly used imported hydraulic components.

How to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of precision four-column hydraulic cutting machine

The manufacturer of low standard need not say, bully buyer does not understand, all sorts of inferior component can blow oneself out of one's skin.

The third point: hydraulic system design

When the hydraulic system in the cutting machine works, the hydraulic oil passes through the oil tank - oil pump - oil pipe - hydraulic valve - oil cylinder - and finally returns to the oil tank. This whole process completes the blanking operation, which requires a hydraulic circuit as efficient, smooth and leak-free as possible.

If the hydraulic circuit design is not reasonable, a variety of joints, in the hydraulic oil and air separation pressure and saturated steam pressure under the long-term action of the inner wall of the tubing will produce potholes wear, and the tubing wear and cause a vicious cycle, so the machine voice is more and more, the pressure is less and less, a variety of leakage will also appear.