How To Maintain Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- May 28, 2019-

You will use a fully automatic cutting machine, so do you know how the cutting machine should be maintained? Only the daily maintenance of the cutting machine will bring you more benefits in the future, so how to maintain it? The following Watson Machinery will come to you for a talk;

Every time you use the equipment, you need to lubricate the springs on the left and right ends of the cutter, and you need to lift the cutter up and down. In order to make the cutter smooth when used, as long as the equipment can be moved after the machine is used, it needs to be moved. Adding lubricating oil; if the daily maintenance is not enough, the cutting knife will not be lifted. If this phenomenon occurs, it is necessary to check whether the switch and the cam are normal and whether the screw is loose or not. Then, twist the cam to try. Cut and check the transmission link for rust. Check whether the spring is too tight before cutting every day.

If the cutting machine is blunt, it needs to use the sharpening knife. If the grinding machine is not used, the cutting will occur continuously, which will affect the use efficiency and greatly reduce the efficiency! And the cutting machine is preferably installed close to the press.

The above is the maintenance method of the automatic cutting machine. I hope this article can help you.