How To Operate Repair And Maintenance Of Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

- Dec 28, 2020-

Cutting machine is an indispensable equipment in some light industry. Cutting machine is also called cutting bed, cutting punch, blanking machine, die press, die cutting machine, cutting machine, opening machine, blanking machine, etc.

In the ordinary use, the cutting machine mainly has the maintenance and maintenance two courses need to do well, only the regular maintenance and maintenance can make the cutting machine service life longer, is also a good way to reduce the cost of enterprises.

Why maintenance?

In the use of cutting machine, due to the parts of various wear, erosion, fatigue, deformation, aging and other phenomena, resulting in the decrease of precision, function, affect product quality, severe situation will cause equipment shutdown. Cutting machine maintenance is through the maintenance and repair of the machine, reduce its deterioration, extend the service life, maintain or restore the machine defined function and adopt a technology flow.

The course contents of cutting machine maintenance include equipment inspection, adjustment, lubrication, timely handling of abnormal phenomena and speech, etc. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, reduce wear, protect accuracy and prolong service life, regular lubrication, maintenance and maintenance are required.

The inspection of cutting machine is mainly routine inspection. The main content is related to the equipment vibration, abnormal sound, loose, temperature rise, pressure, flow, etc. It is generally possible to judge the function and working status of the machine from the aspects of sensory perception, simple instruments, and the status of processed products. Such as mechanical cutting machine bearing temperature, pressure and speed, blanking accuracy, noise, hydraulic cutting machine oil and leakage, and so on. In a word, according to the complexity of the cutting machine, the characteristics of the function, the importance of product quality and other aspects to determine the inspection site, period and other contents, in order to develop the repair site, time and technical preparation. The inspection work is generally in the charge of the operator and the maintainer.

Maintenance method of cutting machine:

1. Fixed point: determine the lubrication position, lubrication point and inspection point of the equipment.

2. Fixed quality: oil of the grease brand as defined in the copy of the machine.

3. Quantification: determine the amount of oil added to the lubricating parts of the equipment to prevent stretching and manage oil leakage of the equipment.

4. On schedule: refueling, refueling and cleaning oil according to the time specified in the copy of the machine to ensure timely lubrication.

5. Person fixing: Determine the operator or maintainer of lubrication work, and assign the responsibility to the person.

Points to note during the maintenance of cutting machine

1. After the installation of the machine, it is necessary to ensure complete safety protection devices and complete lines and pipelines. Ground the electrical idea properly.

2, the machine in the repair, adjustment, refueling, wiping, inspection must first cut off the power to avoid danger.

3. Before turning on the ideator, pay attention to the surrounding environment to see if there are still people working under the machine.

4, homework, the work table does not allow the pump placed oil pot, tools and other irrelevant items.

5, after the start of the car, if there is an accident, or abnormal machine noise and jamming phenomenon, need to immediately parking inspection.