How To Remove The Rocker Arm Cutting Oil Cylinder?

- Mar 12, 2020-

1. Rotate the height of the cutting machine to a high point.

Turn off the power of the machine.

Three, find two jacks or iron block and so on the pressure plate to avoid leakage and fall, this step is very important.

Four, at this time can be very easy to unload the oil cylinder, pay attention to the oil cylinder is very heavy is a good use of forklift or many people lift down.

1, hydraulic cutting machine mechanical part: by the fuselage, working mechanism and stroke adjustment device, gantry hydraulic cutting machine also includes sliding saddle moving feed device and automatic feeding device.

2. Hydraulic system of cutting machine: it is composed of hydraulic pump, oil cylinder, pressure valve, direction valve, filter, oil tank and pressure gauge.

3, cutting machine electrical control part: including switches, relays, contactors and other components of the electrical control circuit.

1. Problem: excessive accumulation of dander and dust under the setting guide block can not reach the travel switch when the guide plate is pressed down, thus crushing the tool die;

Solution: get rid of clutter;

Preventive measures: regularly clean the sundries beside the machine;

Ii. Problem: the trip switch fails to transmit the signal.

Solution: replace with a new travel switch.

Three, the problem: cut the oil line fault;

Solution: please contact a professional maintenance, do not disassemble inspection;