How To Solve The Slow Return Of The Cutting Machine

- Aug 06, 2019-

The slow return of the cutting machine means that the cutting speed is slow after the cutting is completed, and sometimes accompanied by loud noise.

There are several reasons for the slow return of the cutting machine:

First, the hydraulic oil is too dirty and the filter is clogged

Nearly 70% of the cut-off machine is slow due to the dirty hydraulic oil and the clogging of the filter. Under normal circumstances, the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced once a year, and the filter should be cleaned once every three months (disappearing and timely replacement). The oil change and cleaning filter time period should be shortened when the cutting machine is used in a harsh environment.

Second, the oil pump is empty or damaged

There are two reasons for the oil pump to suck in too little hydraulic oil and self-empty. When the hydraulic oil is low, it can be added appropriately (more than two centimeters without filter). If the oil pump itself is empty, please check the internal seal for damage. If so, please replace it in time. It should be noted that the oil pump also has a service life. Some oil pumps need to be replaced with new oil pumps to solve the problem.

Third, the solenoid valve is stuck

The jam of the solenoid valve is generally caused by the hydraulic oil being too dirty (the wearer will be stuck when the use time is long), and the solenoid valve is stuck, causing the spool to not be pushed to make the oil flow smaller. Affect the return speed. The solenoid valve is usually stuck by directly replacing the solenoid valve.