How To Solve The Leakage Of Hydraulic Pump

- Oct 23, 2019-

Assembly of hydraulic cutting machine gear pump after repair gear pump, assembly must pay attention to the following matters:

Use deburr method to remove the burr of each part, the sharp edge of the gear blunt with the whetstone, but not into a round corner, the smooth grinding parts to demagnetization, all parts must be carefully cleaned with kerosene before assembly.

1. Severe wear of hydraulic pump of cutting machine.Serious leakage in the pump at low speed operation;High speed operation, pump pressure slightly increased, but due to pump wear and internal leakage, volume efficiency significantly decreased, it is difficult to reach the rated pressure.Hydraulic pump for a long time to work and aggravate wear, high oil temperature rise, resulting in wear of hydraulic components and seals aging, damage, loss of sealing capacity, hydraulic oil deterioration, finally leading to failure.

2. The selection of hydraulic components in the hydraulic cutting machine is unreasonable.Movable arm cylinder specifications for 70/40 non-standard series, seals are also non-standard parts, high manufacturing costs and sealing parts replacement inconvenience.The small diameter of the moving arm oil cylinder is bound to make the system set high pressure.