How To Solve The Noise Of The Rocker Cutting Machine?

- May 23, 2019-

How to solve the noise of the rocker cutting machine?

The rocker arm cutting machine should be carefully checked when it leaves the factory, and the noise part should be paid extra attention, but the wrong part of the machine manufacturing or the internal parts consumption should be used. In order to prevent malfunctions or noises from obstructing the operation, it has an extreme impact on itself and the surrounding environment, and can be affected by itself and the surrounding environment. Our cutting machine manufacturers said that long-term living under noise will seriously affect sleep, or anxiety, earache and other things. The noise hazard is very great. How do the noise of the rocker cutting machine be solved?

1. It is possible to replace the oil seal or the oil bearing to solve the problem of making sound.

2. When the quality of the cutting oil is relatively poor, the hydraulic oil can be replaced, and the imported high quality oil is better.

3. Check if there is any oil shortage or material in the cylinder, and handle it according to the situation.

4. It is necessary to clean the filter or replace the oil filter according to the filter screen.

5. Replace the solenoid valve when it is damaged or when it cannot be repaired.