How To Solve The Problem Of Cutting The Blister With Burrs

- Aug 08, 2019-

Nowadays, market competition is intensifying, and product quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Domestic plastics companies are also the same as other companies.

The general market profits are getting lower and lower, which makes some enterprises enter the high-end market or do export business; but at the same time, the quality of products needs to rise simultaneously. One of the key factors affecting the quality of blister products: cutting is especially important.

Generally, the cutting of the quality requirements is generally a little bit of burrs. How to improve the smoothness of the cutting edge is a problem that we must solve to improve the quality of blister products. Do the following two items to improve the smoothness of the blister edge:

1. Die cutter made with imported blades

For blister cutting without burrs to improve smoothness, sharp and super-hard dies are essential (usually using Japanese blades).

Second, the use of steel instead of PP

The original PP plate or nylon plate is removed, replaced with a steel plate (usually a stainless steel plate) and the flatness of the steel plate is required.

After completing the above two items, the problem of blistering can be solved basically, but at the same time it will bring a new problem. When the above two items are finished, the requirements for the cutting machine are more demanding.