Hydraulic Cutting Machine Hydraulic Cylinder Application

- Nov 05, 2019-

(1) Maintain pressure.

The hydraulic cylinder slide valve type reversing valve has a gap leakage phenomenon and can only hold pressure for a short time. When there is pressure requirement, a hydraulic control check valve can be added to the oil circuit, and the tightness of the closing of the cone valve can be used to keep the oil circuit for a long time.

 (2) "Support" of the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic cutting machine.

   In a vertical hydraulic cylinder, the piston and the piston rod may slide down due to the leakage of the spool and the tube under the gravity of the piston and the piston rod. Connecting the pilot operated check valve to the oil passage in the lower chamber of the hydraulic cutting machine hydraulic cylinder prevents the movable parts such as the hydraulic cylinder piston and the slider from sliding down. Faf5464e447a3e912705ef188bbb6477_2018.8.23_8.52.33_1906.jpg

(3) Lock the hydraulic cylinder.

   When the reversing valve is in the neutral position, the two hydraulically controlled check valves are closed, and the oil in the two chambers of the hydraulic cylinder can be tightly sealed, and the piston cannot be moved by the external force.

 (4) Large flow of oil.

The effective working area of the two chambers of the hydraulic cutting machine hydraulic cylinder varies greatly. When the piston is retracted, the oil displacement in the right chamber of the hydraulic cutting machine suddenly increases. At this time, if a small flow spool valve is used, a throttling effect will be generated to limit the retreating speed of the piston; if a hydraulically controlled check valve is added When the hydraulic cylinder piston retreats, the control pressure oil opens the hydraulic control check valve, and the right chamber oil can be smoothly discharged.

 (5) As a charge valve.

   In the process of high-speed descent of the hydraulic cutter vertical hydraulic cylinder, due to the action of high-pressure oil and self-weight, the drop is rapid, and the suction and negative pressure are generated. The pilot operated check valve is used as an oil filling valve to complete the oil filling function.

(6) Combined into a reversing valve.

   When designing a hydraulic circuit, it is sometimes possible to combine a pilot operated check valve into a reversing valve. For example, using two pilot operated check valves in parallel with a one-way valve (center valve is centered) is equivalent to a three-way three-way reversing valve.