​hydraulic Cutting Machine Oil Pump And Relay Problem Solution

- Oct 31, 2019-

An abnormality occurring during the machining of the hydraulic cutting machine;

1. It should be recorded in the operation focus of machinery and equipment.

2. Have you recorded the fixtures used in the process? Is there a regulation (project, method, frequency) for the measurement focus?

3. In order to maintain product accuracy, the characteristics and characteristics of mechanical equipment should be listed. And list the measurement priorities (projects, methods, frequency, etc.). 46.jpg

4. List the replacement points (replacement methods, confirmation contents, etc.) of the fixtures and tools used in the process.

5. In the trial production, list the main points of the machine tool (replacement method, confirmation content).

6. Determine the processing rules when problems occur in equipment, fixtures, tools, and inspection tools used in the process.

7. Determine the processing rules when quality problems occur.

8. Is the work performed according to the operating standards?

9. Determine and record the processing conditions.

10. Determine the conditions for repairing with oil stone.

11. Set the inspection tools with standard and tolerance.

12. Can only guarantee the characteristics of the management project specified in the operation standard book?

Hydraulic cutting machine is too sensitive

(1) The friction at the pin of the ejector pin is too large, or the friction between the steel ball and the plunger is too large.

(2) Poor assembly, inflexible movement or "not strong"

(3) The micro switch has a long contact stroke

(4) Improper adjustment of adjusting screws, ejector pins, etc.

(5) The steel ball is not round

(6) The spool is not flexible

(7) Improper installation, such as uneven installation

(1) Reassemble to make the action sensitive

(2) Reassemble to make the action sensitive

(3) Reasonable adjustment of position

(4) Reasonable adjustment of screw and ram position

(5) Replace the steel ball

(6) Cleaning, repair, and flexibility

(7) Change to vertical or horizontal installation