Hydraulic Cutting Machine Processing Technology Production Type

- Feb 19, 2020-

1. Hydraulic cutting machine production process

The production process of a machine refers to the interrelated labor processes from raw materials to finished products. The hydraulic cutting machine includes the transportation and preservation of raw materials, the preparation of production, blank manufacturing, blank machining into parts, parts assembly into machines, inspection and commissioning, machine paint and packaging, etc.

2. The technological process

Process refers to the process of directly changing the shape, size, relative position and mechanical properties of the production object to make it a finished product or semi-finished product. It includes casting process, pressure process, welding process, machining process and assembly process.

3. Cutting machine processing process

In the process of machining, the process of changing the shape, size and surface quality of the blank or raw material is called cutting machine process.

(1) working procedure of four-column cutting machine. The part of a process in which one or a group of parts is continuously completed at a work site is called a process. A part is often made after several processes. As shown in figure 8.1, the gear is divided into four steps; In mass production, there are eight steps. It can be seen that only after the part of the process is continuously completed, a workpiece can be processed in turn, then this part of the process is called a process.

(2) installation of four-column cutting machine. The essence of workpiece installation is to locate and clamp the workpiece on the machine tool, a process iJ to include one or more installations.

According to the size of the product and the production program (also known as the annual output), mechanical manufacturing production can be divided into three different types, that is, single production, batch production and mass production.

(1) single cutting machine production. Single production of one of its parts rarely repeat, or even completely do not duplicate the production of cattle, such as re-test machinery manufacturing, special equipment manufacturing and new products trial-production are single production.

(2) batch production of cutting machines. Batch production of the same parts, called batch production, such as machine tool manufacturing is a typical batch production. The quantity of the same part that each batch produces is called batch, according to the size of batch, wide: the characteristic of the product, can divide into small batch production, medium batch production and large batch production.

(3) mass production of cutting machines. When a large number of the same product manufacturing, in most of the work site is often repeated parts a process of production, called mass production, such as automobile, tractor, bearing manufacturing is usually mass production.