Hydraulic Cutting Machine Unable To Punch Or Cut Material Continuously

- May 14, 2020-

Why is the hydraulic cutting machine unable to punch or cut material continuously?

First of all, what is the problem with the failure of blanking and continuous cutting of materials? The current hydraulic cutting machine is now four columns, usually with a pressure gauge, the pressure gauge is set according to the tons of your machine equipment, so check whether the pressure displayed by the pressure gauge is very low? If the pressure gauge shows low, you can adjust the relief valve to effectively increase the punching pressure.

Secondly, as the above-mentioned pressure gauge shows normal, then you can go to check whether the oil pump in the oil cylinder is damaged, whether the oil filter of the hydraulic oil is blocked and the oil pump cannot be sucked in? Then there is the problem of setting the hydraulic cutting machine. Is the stroke setting of the die too low? The cutting depth controller can be adjusted. The longer the adjustment time, the deeper the cutting depth.

The equipment problems of the hydraulic cutting machine that are unable to cut continuous materials are basically listed and can be solved according to the actual situation. Of course, in addition to the equipment itself, the operation problems can not be ignored. If the cutting material is severely overloaded, it has exceeded what the cutting machine can withstand. Therefore, human problems cannot be ignored, and any other machine will have its bottom line, so correct operation is better maintenance of the machine.