Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Classification

- Apr 14, 2020-

The main types of cutting machine can be divided into two major categories of mechanical transmission and hydraulic transmission.

1. Mechanical cutting machine

The most commonly used mechanical cutting machine is the mechanical cutting machine with open body, which is divided into two types according to the use of clutch-braking device:

1) The use of rigid clutch-outer block brake device;

2) Using friction clutch-belt brake.

In addition, there are gantry type mechanical cutting machines. In the production of some leather products (such as luggage and leather goods), paper cutting machines that are common to printing and other industries are also used.

2. Hydraulic cutting machine

Hydraulic cutting machine is usually divided into two types according to the characteristics of structural layout:

1) Cantilever hydraulic cutting machine

2) Gantry hydraulic cutting machine

According to the working mechanism (pressure plate) of the gantry hydraulic cutting machine, it can be divided into sliding saddle type, flat type and reciprocating type.