Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine Price

- Apr 22, 2020-

1.Using computer PLC programming man-machine interface and digital control operating system, it can realize automatic feeding, automatic die cutting and punching. There are five kinds of arrangement graphic mode selection, and the number of punching times can be set automatically with high precision and positioning accuracy. 0.2mm, saving material, high working efficiency, reducing labor intensity.

2. The PLC program control center has a memory function for the setting of the operation instructions, which will not be affected after the power is cut off or the power is cut off after the shift, which is convenient for the cutting machine operation again.

3. The servo motor is used to control the lateral movement of the punch, and the multi-layer material is clamped and stepped by the cylinder. The machine automatically completes the blanking of the material, and the displacement distance of the punch and the feeding length can be set accurately. The problem of inaccurate layered length of multi-layer materials is solved.

4. The machine has a variety of working methods such as jog, manual, automatic, etc. Workers only need to pick up the finished materials, which reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

5. The machine has punching modes such as misalignment, misalignment reduction, knife die indexing, etc., which can take materials and save 10% -15% of raw materials.

6. Due to the use of microcomputer control and high degree of automation, the entire machine requires only one worker, which can increase production efficiency by 3-5 times and save nearly 1/3 of electrical energy.

7. Double oil cylinder, four-column automatic balance Lianxuan structure, to ensure that the cutting depth of each cutting position is exactly the same.

8. The unique setting mechanism, combined with the cutting knife height setting, makes stroke adjustment convenient and accurate.

9. Central automatic lubrication system ensures the precision of the machine and improves the durability and service life of the machine.

10. Special specifications can be customized.