Hydraulic Pump Classification Of Oil Pressure Cutting Machine

- Oct 18, 2019-

The piping layout condition of the oil pump system of the oil pressure cutting machine refers to the height, distance and direction of liquid delivery.For the system pressure calculation and power check.Piping system data shall also be provided with device characteristics if required.When designing and arranging pipelines, the following items should be noted:

Reasonable selection of pipe diameter, pipe diameter, under the same flow rate, liquid flow speed is small, small resistance loss, but the price is high, small pipe diameter, will lead to a sharp increase in the resistance loss, make the selected pump pressure increase, increase the belt power, cost and operating expenses are increased.Therefore, the technology and economy should be considered comprehensively.

Due to the different working conditions of actuators in the main oil circuit of the hydraulic system, the working pressure varies greatly. When the changing minimum pressure value is higher than the pressure value adjusted after the pressure reducing valve, the pressure behind the valve will not be affected.Because in the oil pressure cutting machine pressure relief valve before the valve pressure increased, may make the pressure behind the valve pressure instantaneous increase, but through the regulating role of the pressure relief valve, can quickly restore to the pressure relief valve after the valve set the value of pressure;On the contrary, when the pressure before the reducing valve valve pressure, but it will make the pressure after the valve reducing valve instantaneous drop, but the cutting machine pressure reducing valve will quickly adjust, so that the pressure after the valve up to the set value.

When the hydraulic cylinder is moving, the pressure oil in the high pressure chamber of the cutting machine will leak into the low pressure chamber.The reason of leakage is that the gap between piston and cylinder is too large due to wear, or the piston seal ring is damaged.The movement speed of the hydraulic cylinder is the ratio of the flow rate of the hydraulic cylinder to the effective area of the piston.The hydraulic cylinder moves at a slower speed because the leakage reduces the actual flow that drives the piston.The piston should be replaced to ensure a reasonable gap between the piston and cylinder.If the piston seal ring damage should be replaced with a new piece.

According to the direction of the pump is divided into one-way pump and two-way pump.

According to the working pressure of the pump, it is divided into low pressure pump (pressure less than 2.5mpa), medium pressure pump (pressure of 2.5mpa ~8Mpa), medium high pressure pump (pressure of 8Mpa ~16Mpa), high pressure pump (pressure of 16Mpa~32Mpa) and super high pressure pump (pressure greater than 32Mpa).

All kinds of hydraulic pumps can be manufactured into quantitative pump, such as gear pump (external meshing, internal meshing), vane pump (single acting, double acting), plunger pump (axial type, radial type) and screw speed pump (twin screw type, three screw type);Some hydraulic pump can be made into a variable pump, such as single-action vane pump, axial plunger pump and radial plunger pump.

The hydraulic tank of the oil pressure cutting machine must be completely closed and the dumper which can turn over 3 pieces of car skin at the same time has a huge volume. In order to shorten the length of the hydraulic hose and improve the response speed of the system, the hydraulic system should rotate on the rotating frame of the dumper and follow the dumper.In this way, the hydraulic oil in the tank must not overflow, so the tank must be designed to be fully enclosed.