Hydraulic System Of The Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Aug 11, 2020-

The emergence of hydraulic systems is destined to shine. Hydraulic technology appeared in the eighteenth century and then developed rapidly. Various fields have appeared about hydraulic technology and mechanical products, such as hydraulic cutting machines.

The birth of the hydraulic cutting machine has indeed improved the working efficiency of the cutting machine to a great extent. The hydraulic system is very powerful. Today’s hydraulic systems are relatively closed, but there is no absolute truth. The hydraulic cutting machine may also be due to hydraulic pressure. The system has problems and malfunctions. Let’s learn about how to maintain and maintain the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cutting machine today.

First of all, compared with other components, the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cutting machine is relatively fragile, especially in terms of anti-pollution ability. The disadvantages are obvious. Let’s take a detailed understanding of the disadvantages of the hydraulic cutting machine. Where is it?

Contaminants mixed into the hydraulic system of the hydraulic cutting machine will accelerate the wear, burn, and appreciation of the hydraulic components, or cause the valve to malfunction or cause noise;

Contaminants can block the orifices or throttle gaps of hydraulic components, change the working performance of the hydraulic system, cause movement disorders or even complete failure, and cause malfunctions and accidents;

Dust particles in the hydraulic oil cylinder will accelerate the damage of the seal, and the strain on the inner surface of the cylinder will increase the leakage, insufficient thrust or unstable movement, crawling, and speed reduction.