Improve The Precision Of The Cutting Machine And The Grinding Process

- Jul 31, 2019-

The precision of the cutting machine is a very important attribute. If the deviation of the precision is very likely, the material will be wasted. Of course, the long-term wear will inevitably lead to the deterioration of the precision of the machine. How to improve the precision of the cutting machine? Understand it!

High processing precision and low surface roughness. When grinding, the abrasive edge n1P is often sharp, the cutting edge radius P is also small, and the cutting edge is extremely large, so that a very thin layer of metal can be cut. The cutting thickness can be as small as a few microns, so the residual area is extremely small.

How to improve the precision of the cutting machine and the grinding process

The grinding machine used for grinding has high precision, rigidity and stability, and has a micro-feed mechanism that controls a small depth of cut, enabling micro-cutting to achieve precision machining.

When cutting, the cutting speed is very high, such as ordinary external grinding p*30-35m/s, high-speed grinding>50m/s*. When countless cutting edges cut through the surface of the workpiece at a very high speed, each cutting machine cuts The blade only cuts a very small amount of metal from the workpiece, and the residual area height is small, which is advantageous for forming a low-roughness surface.