Inspection Of Bad Performance Cutting Machine

- Aug 12, 2019-

1. Is the regular inspection item of the measuring equipment (micrometer, inner diameter dial gauge, pneumatic gauge) decided?

2. Is it a decision to periodically check and periodically exchange measurement equipment?

3. Is it a regular or non-scheduled exchange of measurement equipment?

4. Is the daily inspection item of the measurement equipment decided?

5. Is the inspection tool different from the tools, spare parts, and workpieces?

6. Is there a place where it is not placed in foreign matter such as oil, garbage, or chips? Can I use the control sample without correction?

7. The cutting machine tells you whether the repeatability of the inspection tool is good when comparing the samples. Can the control sample be used without correction?

8. When the product is used as a sample, is it necessary to carry out identification management, etc., and prevent it from being mixed into the product?

9. Is there a dial gauge that needs to be adjusted?

10. When using a dial gauge, do you consider a rotation?

11. When the inspection tool fails, is the system for tracking and processing the route determined?

12. Have you considered the use time of the gage (measurement tool) and implemented regular corrections?

13. Regarding the measurement machine, special inspection tooling, sample and other inspection tools are accepted? Have you missed the inspection project?

14. Is the tracking ability determined?