Installation And Commissioning Steps Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- Feb 13, 2020-

Installation and commissioning steps of automatic cutting machine

First, install

(1) Unpack the machine and wipe the dust and foreign objects on the machine surface;

(2) The small cutting machine should be placed in a ventilated and dry room;

(3) The ground must be relatively level, and the surroundings of the machine must be unobstructed, and the safety passage must not be blocked;

(4) The feet need to be cushioned, and soft or elastic materials such as rubber or polyurethane can be selected;

(5) Properly adjust the level of the work surface without too much error;

Second, debugging

(1) Add a sufficient amount of anti-wear hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil should not exceed 3 cm from the filter;

(2) Connect the three-phase power supply and have a reliable ground wire. Turn on the power and pay attention that the steering of the motor should be the same as that of the Peugeot;

(3) Put the cutting knife mold and adjust the hand wheel on the top of the rocker arm, which is about 3 cm higher than the height of the rocker arm;

(4) The depth adjustment positioning should first return to the fog, then slowly increase to cut off the material, and lock the depth adjustment positioner;

(5) Re-adjust the depth after changing the die, remember;

Third, matters needing attention

(1) Before starting each shift, fully warm up the machine for normal operation;

(2) Operators need to be trained to operate the machine and must be familiar with emergency measures;

(3) The machine must be cleaned and hygienic in each shift, and anti-rust oil is applied to the rust-prone areas, and there must be no objects unrelated to cutting on the workbench;

(4) The operator wears protective equipment; check whether the safety device is complete and abnormal before starting the machine;

(5) Regularly inspect and maintain the machine, and find out that the problem is solved in time. Do not use the machine with failure;