Installation Guide For Cutting Machine

- Jan 25, 2021-

1. Fix the cutting machine horizontally on the flat cement floor, check whether the parts of each part of the cutting machine are intact and firm, and whether the lines are smooth and effective.

2. Remove stains and sundries on upper pressing plate and workbench.

3. Inject # 46 anti-wear hydraulic oil into the oil tank. The oil surface shall not be less than 25mm square of the oil filter network.

4. Access the 380V three-phase power supply, press the start button of the oil pump, adjust and keep the motor steering consistent with the direction of the arrow.

The machine is suitable for continuous blanking of non-metallic coils with a large quantity of the same specification with a molding tool die. For example: can be used in the insole, shoes, football, volleyball, tennis, medicine and other industries.

1. Using computer PLC programmed human machine interface, digital control operating system, can realize automatic feeding, automatic die layout punching and cutting, there are five kinds of pattern selection, automatic setting punching times, high accuracy, positioning accuracy up to 0.2 mm, material saving, high work efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

2. The PLC program control center has the memory function for the setting of operation instructions, which will not be affected after power off or power off after work, so as to facilitate the operation of cutting machine again.

3. Servo motor is used to control the lateral movement of punch, and multi-layer materials are clamped by cylinder for stepper feeding. The machine automatically completes the material blanking, and the punch displacement distance and the feeding length can be precisely set. The problem of inaccurate layering length of multilayer materials is solved.

4. The machine has inching, manual, automatic and other working methods. Workers only need to pick up finished materials, which reduces labor intensity and improves work efficiency.

5. The machine is equipped with blanking modes such as dislocation, dislocation reducing knife, and transposition of knife die, etc., which can capture materials and save 10%-15% of raw materials.

6. Due to the microcomputer control, high degree of automation, the whole machine only needs one worker, the production efficiency can be improved 3-5 times, saving nearly 1/3 of the electric energy.

7. Double oil cylinder, four-column automatic balance and connecting porch structure, to ensure that the cutting depth of each cutting position is exactly the same.

8. Special setting mechanism, with cutting knife height setting, making stroke adjustment convenient and accurate.

9. The central automatic lubrication system ensures machine precision and improves machine durability and service life.

10. Special specifications can be customized.