Key Points Should Be Paid Attention To When Hydraulic Cutting Machine Works

- Oct 21, 2019-

By the national information center in resources development and the national grid jointly organized the "China intelligent water heater peak BBS", China's household electrical appliances research institute deputy chief engineer Zhang Yachen said: "intelligent household appliances is to take part with characteristics of human intelligence ability of carrying on some kind of hardware, make alternative part or all of the people to accomplish certain tasks, the home appliance equipment is the intelligent home appliance.Modern technology, such as chip technology and network technology, is the promotion of smart home appliances, but it is not the smart home appliances themselves must have, it needs to be discussed.

At present intelligent home appliance technology passes development for many years, although already made bigger breakthrough in black electricity domain, but the white electricity product such as freezer, air conditioning, washing machine, water heater still exists in intelligent progress a few technical obstacle, prevent its "be born".

Adjustment of cutting point of hydraulic press

After setting the cutter die, put the cut material on the rubber plate, then put the cutter die on the material, and then push the feeding plate into the cutting area.

Press the 12 cutting switch with both hands respectively, at this time, the cutting pressure plate will drop and apply pressure to the cutting die, and the cutting die will automatically pick up to the position before starting.

Are heat treatment deformation taken into account for the quality items after turning (internal and external knife pattern, wall thickness change of drilling hole)?

Can the quality of heat treatment be guaranteed for grinding parts after heat treatment?

Are past problems taken into account in process design?

Is the clamping structure of the parts designed to prevent chips, dust, etc from sticking?

Is the benchmark uniform?

Does the design process only the only specification?

When changing fixture, can you quickly find the center and position?

You can make it a little longer.

Set depth nut: lock set depth handwheel. If there is no lock, the depth will be unstable.

Depth travel switch: note that when pressing down, it will touch the set depth handwheel, and the power will be disconnected, otherwise it will press down.

Press the linkage cutting button: the left and right switches must be pressed at the same time to perform the cutting action of the upper pressing plate. When the upper pressing plate is pressed down, both hands must leave the button and the upper pressing plate will automatically pick up after the cutting. If both hands are pressed down, continuous cutting action will appear.

Hydraulic machine pick up height: the longer the adjustment time, the higher the pick up, and vice versa.The most suitable height is 10mm from the cutting die to the upper pressing plate.Note: the depth hand wheel should be set higher than the depth wheel, otherwise the cutting button will not work properly.