Knowledge Of Cutting Machine

- Aug 06, 2020-

Cutting machine is an indispensable equipment for some light industry. According to the traditional concept, the cutting machine is a machine that uses the force of the machine motion to pressurize the die to cut the material. Modern cutting machines have undergone some changes. Advanced technologies such as high-pressure water jets and ultrasonics have begun to be used in leather punching technology, but people still include these equipment in cutting machines.

Cutting equipment with a high degree of automation includes: computer-controlled moving head cutting machine, laser cutting machine (oscillating cutter), high-pressure water beam cutting machine and computer cutting machine. In addition, the Italian and British USM companies produce a projection cutting machine. The discharge table of this equipment is equipped with an oscillating knife and a visual observation device, which is used for contour scanning of leather or projection on the leather to guide cutting The worker arranges the set of blanking samples on the leather.