Knowledge Of Cutting Machine And The Construction Of Cutting Machine

- Jan 13, 2021-

Cutting machine is an indispensable equipment in some light industry. Traditionally, a cutting machine is a machine that cuts and processes materials by pressurizing a knife die with the force of machine movement. The modern cutting machine has undergone some changes, began to use high pressure water beam, ultrasonic and other advanced technology is used in the leather blanking technology, but people still put these equipment in the cutting machine equipment.

The cutting equipment with high degree of automation includes: computerized moving head cutting machine, laser cutting machine (oscillating tool), high pressure water beam cutting machine and computer cutting machine. In addition, a projection cutting machine is produced by USM in Italy and the United Kingdom. The cutting table of this equipment is equipped with oscillating cutting tools and visual observation devices, which are used for contour scanning of leather or projection on leather to guide the cutting workers to arrange the lining row of the cutting sample on the leather.

At present, there are various types of cutting machines produced by different manufacturers at home and abroad in the Chinese market. Now, according to the product performance, we suggest you make a comparison and selection from the following aspects:

I. According to their transmission mode, structure and use, they are classified as follows:

1. According to the transmission form:

A. Mechanical transmission cutting machine: it is an older type of machine.

B. Hydraulic transmission cutting machine: it is a modern and more general cutting machine.

C. Automatic rolling cutting machine: the whole piece of leather or textile can be processed by sandwich treatment.

D. Computer-controlled water beam cutting machine: it is a modern and more advanced cutting machine, which can cut according to the input program without using a knife die. The cutting source is high-pressure water beam generator.

E. Computer-controlled ultrasonic cutting machine: the control form is similar to that of water beam cutting machine, and the punching source is ultrasonic generator.

2. According to the structure:

A. Rocker arm type cutting machine: the punching parts are swing rocker arms, suitable for punching of natural materials

B. Gantry type cutting machine: the punching part is the punching head which can move around the beam. The knife die can be fixed on the punching head or placed on the processed objects. The punch head of large, computer-controlled gantry cutting machine is equipped with a rotary tool holder, which can be selected according to the program typesetting; Of course, corresponding to the need for automatic feeding mechanism.

C. Plate type cutting machine: The difference between it and gantry type cutting machine is that the beam is directly blanked without movable blanking head. Plate cutting machine is divided into: beam fixed or beam can move forward and backward and workbench sliding plate can move forward and backward two categories.

D. Four-column precision cutting machine: multiple oil cylinders drive four-column automatic balance connecting rod structure to ensure the same force at each cutting point and the balance accuracy of upper and lower working table.

3. According to the purpose of the processed parts:

A. Special cutting machine: Blister cutting machine suitable for blister processing.

B. Horizontal cutting machine: Suitable for processing tire materials.

Conventional cutting machines are composed of power, transmission mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical system, tool setting mechanism, feeding mechanism, operating system, lubrication system, safety system, head, body and other twelve parts.

According to different models, there will also be its unique structure, such as: head moving mechanism, automatic balance mechanism, cutting plate displacement mechanism, etc. Other auxiliary devices are sometimes added according to different performance.