Lubrication Of The Cutting Machine Is Very Important

- Jul 08, 2019-

The lubrication of the cutting machine is very important

1. Quantification: determine the amount of oil added to the lubrication part of the cutting machine equipment to prevent waste and control equipment leakage;

2. Fixed point: determine the lubrication part, lubrication point and check point of the equipment;

3. Personnel: determine the operator or maintenance worker of the lubrication work, responsible to the person;

4. Qualification: use oil according to the grease grade specified in the machine manual;

5. Regular: Refuel, add oil and clean oil according to the time specified in the machine manual to ensure timely lubrication.

6. Cutting machine lubrication is an important measure to reduce the wear and tear of parts during operation and avoid malfunctions. The mechanical cutting machine has poor lubrication of bearings and causes accidents such as heat and seizure. Therefore, lubrication work is one of the important contents of cutting machine maintenance.