Lubrication Of The Rocker Cutting Machine​

- Jun 18, 2019-

Lubrication of the rocker cutting machine

Regular lubrication of the rocker arm cutting machine can greatly reduce the wear and tear of the parts during operation, and can effectively avoid important measures in the fault. In the use of many people, there are occasions when the bearing of the cutting machine is poorly lubricated and the fever is killed. Therefore, the work of lubrication is an important part of mechanical maintenance. Wanchuan Machinery and Equipment teaches you how to lubricate the "five fixes".

To set the lubrication point: First, determine the part of the equipment that needs lubrication. Check the part before lubrication.

Lubricating cards: Always use the oil according to the grease grades specified in the machine's copy.

Constant Lubrication: Determine the amount of oil in the lubrication part of the equipment to prevent extravagance and waste, and check the equipment for oil leakage.

According to the lubrication period: according to the time specified in the machine's imitation list to refuel, add oil and cleaning oil, to ensure timely lubrication.

Lubricator: Choose a manipulator or maintenance worker who can lubricate the work, and be responsible for the whole job.

The lubrication method described by us is to make the daily lubrication of the machine more standardized, tracked, refined and simple.