Main Components Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Feb 02, 2021-

How to achieve the high precision of automatic cutting machine?

I. Processing procedure

The main surface of the guide pillar is the inner cylindrical surface and the outer cylindrical surface. Its processing procedure: the inner cylindrical surface: drilling - rough boring - half rough boring - rough grinding - fine grinding; For the outer cylinder: coarse - semi - fine - coarse grinding - fine grinding.

II. hard chrome plating

After chromium plating, the mold and workpiece have the following advantages:

1, the surface is smooth, smooth, easy demoulding, in order to ensure that the product is smooth and smooth.

2. No rust, no rust.

3. The deformation of the original parts is small in the process of plating, and the hardness can be enhanced after the surface chromium plating (HR65 or more), and the high temperature resistance can reach 500, corrosion resistance, acid resistance and wear resistance.

4, if the size of the parts is not in place, you can achieve the size by adding a few C chromium.

5, according to the characteristics of the product, to achieve visual, three-dimensional effect, to ensure the stability of the surface quality of the product.

III. Key technologies and measures taken

1. The main surface is an inner cylinder with high dimensional tolerance and small surface roughness Ra. The measures taken: divide the processing stage, the process route is used: drilling - rough boring (expanding) - half fine boring (reaming) - rough grinding - fine grinding - grinding; Control the cutting amount; Cool thoroughly.

2. Due to the high dimensional tolerance level of the outer cylinder surface and the small surface roughness Ra value, the measures taken are: the processing stage division, machine tool selection, cutting amount control requirements are the same as the inner cylinder surface processing. In addition, the process route is: coarse car - semi - fine car - coarse grinding - fine grinding.

1, hydraulic cutting machine mechanical part: by the fuselage, working mechanism and stroke adjustment device, hydraulic cutting machine also includes sliding saddle moving feeding device and automatic feeding device.

2. Hydraulic system of cutting machine: it is composed of hydraulic pump, oil cylinder, pressure valve, direction valve, filter, oil tank and pressure gauge.

3, cutting machine electrical control part: including switch, relay, contactors and other components of the electrical control loop, etc.