Maintenance Knowledge Of Hydraulic Machinery Of Cutting Machine

- Nov 06, 2019-

In the long-term continuous work of machinery, equipment maintenance is particularly important due to the limitations of working environment and conditions: temperature, dust, vibration, fatigue, wear, and damage. Just like a person's body, constantly replenishing nutrition, maintaining life, and fighting.

First, do daily maintenance and maintenance to achieve daily maintenance

Require daily routine three inspections:

1 Check whether the fastening connections of the rig components are reliable before working.

2 In the work, it is necessary to comprehensively observe whether there is oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, leakage, etc.

3 After the end of work, it is necessary to do a comprehensive inspection to see if there is a loose screw that needs to be tightened, supplement oil, water and so on.

In short, daily maintenance needs to be done: clean, lubricate, adjust, and tight.

Second, timely maintenance, good maintenance

For a malfunctioning hydraulic machine, the cause of the fault should first be ascertained. Common faults are leakage and leakage of hydraulic cylinders. The external leakage is obvious and obvious, and the internal leakage should be judged by experience. The cylinder is stretched and weak, and the cylinder is closed. After working for half an hour, the surface temperature of the cylinder is touched by hand, and the temperature of the inner cylinder is obviously increased. At this time, the internal oil seal needs to be replaced.

The pressure drop of the hydraulic pump and the drive motor does not reach the maximum load, and the work is weak. In addition to the engine power drop, in general, the hydraulic working pump pressure is generally reduced, the pressure safety valve is out of control, and the oil pan surface is driven in the motor. Caused by wear and tear. According to the specific circumstances.

The most common is the bursting of the high-pressure tubing. When replacing, you should not be tempted to use small counterfeit tubing. The high-pressure hydraulic pipes produced by the national regular manufacturers are all equipped with steel wire layers and have a regular production number.

Third, the precautions during maintenance work

Before the hydraulic machinery is repaired, the qualified captain must prepare for the repair. It is best to do external cleaning, use the air pump to blow off the outer surface of the machine and remove the external oil and debris. The site is selected to facilitate the maintenance work. The manufacturers of various hydraulic machines are different, and the product model specifications are also different. It is necessary to carefully identify the model number, classify it, and do not string it. The repair of the hydraulic cylinder seems to be simple, the most laborious and time consuming, and the body needs to be stabilized before disassembly. Do all kinds of safety protection work. Depressurize, drain, and disassemble the bolt before disassembling the pipe. Some oil cylinders have not been repaired for a long time. The oil rods and cylinders are particularly difficult. They have to be mechanically hard pulled with steel wire ropes. Be sure to use special tools when disassembling the cylinder piston. It is strictly forbidden to use a hammer to mammoth to prevent damage to the piston surface and the oil seal ring groove. For some O-rings that are not broken, it is best not to damage them, to prevent reuse when there are no new parts. If there is no time, you can use the raw material belt to continue to use. After the cylinder is disassembled, it must be cleaned and blown clean, and then replaced and repaired.

The internal parts of the oil pump motor require very high precision, which is difficult for ordinary people to repair. After the damage, the new assembly will be replaced in principle. Can't buy it, you can find some experienced technicians to open the inspection to see if the oil pan surface is strained. If it is only worn and strained, you can remove the oil pan or valve and find a mechanical factory with polishing ability to repair it. Polishing can continue to be used. If the internal parts are obviously damaged, they are declared scrapped and must be replaced with new ones.

To assemble hydraulic fittings in winter, you need to warm with hot water to make the oil seal soft and press it in by hand. It is strictly forbidden to use a metal top such as a screwdriver to prevent the surface of the oil seal from being damaged. When the surface of the oil seal and seal ring is assembled, the surface should be buttered for easy assembly. It is strictly forbidden to wear gloves when installing internal hydraulic parts, so that it is clean and hygienic to prevent dust and gravel from entering the interior.