Maintenance Of Automatic Cutting Machine

- Mar 03, 2020-

I. replace the hydraulic oil

The cycle of replacing hydraulic oil is one year (it can be shortened or extended according to your actual use), and the tank and filter can be cleaned while replacing hydraulic oil. Hydraulic oil, please choose the label is no. 46 of the regular large factory brand products.

Two, remove dust

Removal of dust and foreign matter should be done daily (electrical dust should be handled professionally), with special attention to sliding and rotating areas. Please pay attention! Dust removal should be done after the machine is completely shut down.

Three, fastening bolt

Fastening bolt is an important part of the maintenance of the cutting machine. Bolts that become loose for a long time will break and cause bigger problems or accidents (it is recommended to do an inspection every three months is more appropriate).

Check the lubrication system

The sliding and rotating parts of the cutting machine need to be filled with lubricating oil, and good lubrication is necessary for the operation of the machine, so regular inspection of automatic lubrication system is particularly necessary.

5. Check the parallelism of the table

In practical use, it is impossible to make the cutting die in the central position of the cutting machine every time, a long time of off-center cutting will lead to the cutting machine parallelism becomes worse, thus speeding up the wear of the cutting die and backing plate. Check the parallelism of the table regularly, you can master the parallelism of the cutting machine at any time, so as to adjust the cutting position of the die in use, correct the unevenness, make the cutting machine use longer, give play to the best performance.