Measures To Deal With The Leakage Of Hydraulic Pump Of Precision Four-post Cutting Machine

- Oct 30, 2020-

What are the measures to deal with the leakage of the hydraulic pump of the precision four-post cutting machine? 

The leakage of the pressure pump of the hydraulic cutting machine usually refers to the leakage of hydraulic oil. In the work project, almost all hydraulic pumps will have similar problems. Its appearance will not stop the operation of the mechanical equipment immediately, but it will reduce the hydraulic pump The volumetric capacity reduces work efficiency and limits the increase in the rated pressure of the hydraulic pump.

Regarding the main reason for the leakage of the cutting machine: Since most of the relative moving parts in the hydraulic pump are sealed by gaps, when the hydraulic pump is working, the high-pressure oil in the pressure oil chamber will inevitably flow through this gap to the suction chamber and other low pressure places, thus forming Leaked. Therefore, controlling leakage and reducing leakage are one of the basic conditions to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic pumps. The condition of hydraulic pump leakage is that there is a gap and a pressure difference, and its leakage is proportional to the third power of the gap value and the first power of the pressure difference. Analyzing the leakage of the pump is mainly from three aspects: the size of the seal gap, the level of the gap pressure difference, and whether the movement increases the leakage.

Four-post cutting machine equipment

   Since the machining accuracy of the annular gap between the plunger and the cylinder bore is easy to control, and other gaps are easily compensated, the volumetric efficiency and rated pressure of the plunger pump are both high. In the vane pump, the main leakage gap is the end surface gap between the rotor and the distributor plate, followed by the gap between the blade and the rotor blade slot, the top of the blade and the inner ring of the stator. In order to reduce leakage of medium and high pressure double-acting vane pumps, some design the valve plate as a floating valve plate to realize the automatic compensation of the end face gap. The main leakage gap of the plunger pump of the cutting machine is the annular gap between the plunger and the cylinder bore, followed by the end surface gap between the axial piston pump cylinder and the valve plate, and the plane between the sliding shoe and the swash plate. gap. For radial plunger pumps, in addition to the annular gap between the plunger and the cylinder bore, there are also the radial gap between the cylinder and the distribution shaft, and the gap between the sliding shoes and the inner ring of the stator.

  Gap, the meshing gap between two meshing gear teeth. The end face clearance of the medium and high pressure gear pump is compensated by an automatic floating compensation mechanism. For external gear pumps, the main clearance is the end face clearance between the gear end face and the front and rear pump covers or the left and right side plates, followed by the radial direction between the tooth top and the circle in the pump body.