Oil Leakage From The Cutting Machine

- Dec 24, 2020-

Reason one: bad assembly of cutting machine

1. When the hydraulic cylinder of the cutting machine is assembled, the end cover is biased, and the piston rod and cylinder are different in center, which makes it difficult for the piston rod to reach out, and the acceleration seal is worn

2. The difference in parallelism between the hydraulic cylinder of the cutting machine and the guide rail of the working table makes it difficult for the piston to reach out and accelerates the wear of seals

3. The sealing parts of the cutting machine are installed incorrectly, such as the sealing parts are cut or cut, the sealing lip is installed on the wrong side, the lip is damaged or the size of the shaft chamfering is wrong, the sealing parts are installed wrong or leak

4. The classified sealing gland is not properly installed

A. Gland installation is deviated

B. Uneven force on the fastening screw

C. The fastening screw is so long that the gland cannot be pressed down

Troubleshooting methods:

1. Disassemble, check and reassemble

2. Disassemble, inspect, reinstall and replace the seals

3. Replace and reinstall the seals

A. Reinstall

B. Reinstall and tighten the screw to make it bear even force

C. Properly select screw length according to screw hole depth

Reason two: cutting machine seal quality problem

1. If the storage period is too long, the seals will lose their natural aging

2. Poor storage, deformation or damage

Reason three: the oil viscosity in the cutting machine is too low

1. Wrong oil was used when replacing hydraulic oil

2. There are other grades of oil permeated in the oil. It is recommended to replace the appropriate oil

Reason four: Cutting oil temperature is too high

1. The hydraulic cylinder inlet resistance is too large

2. The ambient temperature is too high

3. Pump or cooler is out of order


1. Check whether the oil inlet is smooth

2. Take heat insulation measures

3. Check the cause and rule it out

Reason five: High frequency vibration of cutting machine

1. Loosen the fastening screw

2. Loose pipe joints

3. Movement of installation position


1. Screws should be tightened regularly

2. The joint should be tightened regularly

3. The mounting screws should be tightened regularly

Reason six: piston rod of cutting machine is pulled

1. Dust ring aging, failure to invade sand debris and other dirt

2. The fit between the guide sleeve and the piston rod is too tight, which causes the surface to overheat and causes the chromium layer on the piston rod surface to fall off and pull


1. Clean and replace the dust ring, repair the piston rod surface tension

2. Check and clean, and repair the inner diameter of the guide sleeve with a scraper to achieve the clearance