Pay Attention To The Lubrication Of Rocker Arm Cutting Machine

- Mar 04, 2020-


Determine the amount of oil in the lubricating part of the cutting machine equipment to prevent waste and oil leakage;

Fixed point

Determine the lubrication parts, lubrication points and check points of the equipment;

A person

Identify the lubrication operators or maintenance workers, the responsibility to the people


Oil according to the grease grade specified in the machine manual;

On a regular basis

Oil, add oil and clean oil according to the time specified in the machine manual to ensure timely lubrication.

The lubrication of the cutting machine is an important measure to reduce the wear and tear of the parts in operation and avoid the failure.

The type of cutting machine is very many, and can be classified according to a variety of types, today small make up is going to take you to understand the simple classification according to the way to classification can be divided into categories? The following to understand the simple transmission form to classify it!

Mechanical drive cutting machine

The cutting machine of this kind of situation has been regarded as the very old model relatively, and have seen less!

Hydraulically-driven cutting machine

This type of cutting machine is now a more common model, is a modern more general cutting machine!

Full automatic rolling cutting machine

The whole sheet of leather or textile is processed by sandwich method.

Computerized water beam cutting machine

Is the modern more advanced cutting machine, do not need to use the tool mold, according to the input program for cutting. The cutting source is high pressure water beam generator.

Computerized ultrasonic cutting machine

The control form is similar to the water beam cutting machine, and the cutting source is ultrasonic generator.