Performance Characteristics Of Hydraulic Cutting Machine

- Oct 22, 2019-

The selection of precision four-column cutting machine is energy-saving motor and low-noise vane oil pump adopts lever balance principle and double-axis automatic balance.Solve the common four-column cutting machine each cutting knife will increase the motor load (power consumption) to play an energy-saving effect.Choose the latest Italian oil road design, optimize the oil road system, reduce idle work, can achieve energy saving and pressure strong double effect.And simple operation, safety, energy saving, convenient maintenance.

Tea drink, fruit juice and functional drinks after years of painstaking efforts, has become a stable and mature products, drinks on the market now warm filling technology of high speed for many beverage enterprise provides the best solution, not only meet the growth rate of the product and security, and reduces the beverage packaging material cost and operation cost of the enterprise.With the increasing maturity of high speed medium temperature filling machine technology, it will provide more advanced, stable and reliable filling machine equipment for large and medium-sized beverage manufacturers in China, bringing more direct cost benefits.So these LIDS are inseparable from the honggang cutting machine.

Under the condition that the hydraulic cutting electromechanical magnetic valve does not work for a long time, the manual valve should be closed before the valve, when starting again, the steam solenoid valve should discharge the condensed water out of the body, and make several test actions, and then work after the switch is normal.

When the solenoid valve is removed from the pipeline, the internal parts should be cleaned and stored with compressed air.

Automatic feeding cutting machine is a kind of cutting machine, choose four-column double cylinder layout, to reach high tonnage cutting, saving energy consumption.On the basis of the precision four-column cutting machine, the single-side or double-side active feeding equipment is added, which improves the power and safety of the machine, and makes the machine output power improve two to three times.The cutting machine is suitable for cutting materials such as leather, rubber, plastic, paperboard, cloth, foam, nylon, artificial leather, PVC board, etc.

Hydraulic cylinder internal astringency, four-column hydraulic cylinder internal parts assembly improper, parts deformation, wear or shape and position tolerance north Korea, action resistance is too large, make hydraulic machine cylinder piston speed as the stroke position of different and change, slip or creep.The reason is mostly due to the poor assembly quality of parts, surface scar or sintered iron scrap, so that the resistance increases, speed down.For example: piston and piston rod different center or piston rod bending, four-column hydraulic machine cylinder or piston rod on the installation position of guide rail deviation, sealing ring installed too tight or too loose.