Precision Grade Of Cutting Machine Gear

- Aug 14, 2020-

1. The magnitude of the deviation of the tooth on the same side

The diameter of the indexing drama is 5-Ioooo, and the modulus (normal modulus) is o. 5-70. Tolerances on the same side tooth surface of involute cylindrical gears with a tooth width of 4-1000, including tangential comprehensive tolerance, tangential comprehensive tolerance of one tooth, limit deviation of single pitch, cumulative limit deviation of tooth pitch, tooth The total tolerance of the cumulative distance, the total tolerance of the tooth profile and the total tolerance of the spiral line, GB/Tlo095.1-2008 stipulates fo, a total of 13 accuracy levels from 1 to 12, of which the o is the highest and the 12 is the lowest.

2. Accuracy class of radial integrated deviation

The diameter of the index group is 5-1000, and the modulus (normal modulus) is o. 2 The overall radial tolerance of the column-reading gear and the overall radial tolerance of one tooth. GB/D to095.2-2008 stipulates that there are 9 precision grades 4-12, among which grade 4 is the highest and grade 12. lowest.

3. Accuracy class of radial runout

For the indexing diameter of 5-10ooo, the modulus (normal modulus) is o. Radial runout of 5-70 involute stud gear. (; B/cutting machine T1009E-22008 recommends o, l-12, a total of 13 accuracy levels, of which o is the highest and 12 is the lowest.

Among the gear accuracy grades, the accuracy requirements of o-2 grade are very high, and there are generally no manufacturing and measurement methods, which belong to the grade to be developed; grades 3 to 5 are high precision grades; grades 6 to 8 are medium precision grades and are most widely used; Level 9 is a lower accuracy level and Elo-12 is a low accuracy level.